Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Checking measurements before starting to shape a piece of very wet English Horse Chestnut
  • Nice easy cutting with wet wood. To obtain sizes for setting out e-mail Andrew
  • Outside taking shape
  • It didn\'t take long to be knee deep in shavings
  • A chucking spigot formed and ready to turn around
  • Re-chucked and tailstock brought up
  • Reducing some of the bulk to form rim
  • Having a look at the rim thickness
  • Keeping it all wet
  • Adjusting the outside shape
  • With a slightly raised band Andrew put on two white lines and coloured the centre part green
  • Using a lance to core out the middle, which are later used to make a mirror frame
  • Once the cutting was deep enough the lance was used to prize out the core
  • The core can be seen as it falls out
  • A light shining through gives an indication of rim thickness
  • The hat was re-chucked again onto a light box
  • Light can be seen shining through giving an indication of the very thin hat
  • Almost there and still using the light to finish off the top
  • This is the frame used to shape the rim using elastic bands
  • A very nice hat finished apart from putting it in the shaping frame
  • Now for the elegant models showing off some of Andrews previous work

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