Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Margaret started by showing that 4 pieces of sycamore had been glued together with newspaper between and mounted on the lathe with ply on end to avoid splitting
  • A cardboard template was used to keep to the required shape
  • The piece was split open and a second piece appeared glued up and ready for the outside to take its final shape
  • The finished involuted light pull
  • Next came a piece of 3\" x 3\" oak, fastened into a workmate and using an Arbotec a textured finish was applied to one side
  • A blow lamp was used to take off loose fibres and black acrylic brushed on to the textured face
  • The piece was remounted and a 22-mm hole drilled in end then the neck was turned to shape.
  • The finished weed pot after re-chucking again to shape the bottom
  • A maple blank fixed to a faceplate and turned a recess, hollowed out the centre and turned the face to shaped
  • The blank was reversed and the bottom outer edge turned to a thin finish
  • Almost done with only the spigot to remove from the bottom
  • The finished piece
  • This was one prepared earlier with a pattern marked out and Friskit covered areas which were to be cut out for colouring to be applied
  • Using an air brush brown paint then orange were applied
  • The result after both colours had been sprayed on
  • Cutting off the surplus Friskit
  • Pencilling in an area to be textured and pierced
  • Making a start with the piercing
  • Showing a section of the piercing
  • Texturing around the flower and leaf pattern
  • Showing the effect so far

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