Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Albert, waiting for sanding sealer to dry, showing that the hand is quicker than the eye with a piece of rope and a metal ring!
  • In the morning session, he made a coffee scoop and a cocobolo box with routed decoration to the lid
  • A sphere was turned and a series of holes drilled in it. The spere was then hollowed out and parted off. A handle was then turned, small bells put inside the sphere and the handle super-glued in place.
  • Acorn box in ash and Capass (spelling?) a wood like that from a palm tree.
  • A candlestick in Jarra with longtitudinal grooving carried out freehand with a mini Arbortech cutter, sprayed with black enamel and then re-sanded to remove the enamel from the uncut surface.
  • A fairly standard box, enhanced by the choice of wood and the decoration to the lid.
  • using a router and jig as shown

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