Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Jimmy, relaxed, ready to go
  • Jimmy with a block of sycamore... destined to become a box with a Japanese touch.
  • Roughing down...
  • The narrowed section, nearest to the chuck, will be parted off after re-chucking and form the lid.
  • Now re-chucked and lid parted off. After initial hollowing, the bowl was removed but first, the chuck and the spigot were marked to align properly when re-chucked again, after the lid is turned.
  • Lid...The parted off piece that will form the lid.
  • Lid....Has been turned to form a seating ... and is now fitted to a snug fit in the re-chucked box.
  • Finial... but a piece of tissue is used to tighten up the fit while the finial is turned.
  • The finished article.
  • A piece of elm..Mounted on a screw chuck and carefully turned to a hemisphere. A long portion was left, though, for demonstrating texturing
  • And re-chucked....The face was turned true and texturing applied!
  • Texturing...The piece was turned to length and the texture proper started.
  • Colouring...Black, yellow and red, spirit based colours were used in turn, with more texturing between applications.In this shot, it can just be seen that there is a flame from Jimmy having set light to the spirit fumes. Not just a party trick, it helps remove rags from break-out in the texturing.
  • Buffing...The colouring and texturing completed, the piece is oiled and buffed. As it turns, the colour that is seen changes constantly as different parts of the texturing shows.
  • Gold foil..Jimmy has turned a hemispherical hollow in the centre, applied adhesive and is now lining it with gold foil.
  • Complete.

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