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Past Events

  • Other new developments - introduction of seamless steel tubing (Marcel Breuer\'s classic chair) - aluminium framing - bent and moulded plywood:  Alvar Aalto incorporated the cantilever principle, his Finnish furniture using bent ply and laminated wood with solid frames of wood or steel.
  • At this time, Beech was fashionable and Teak featured well - with veneered Contiboard. More innovations - veneers banded together with resin glues created dish-washer proof platters and trays - Pirelli webbing and long spiral springs were new upholstery options - man-made fibres created practical fabrics like Dralon. Analine dyes could permeate the whole timber body to give good bright colours for veneer and pattern effects.
  • A lovely sample of laser-cut veneers was shown - the technique was developed by Anita Leah - items from 1m wide to less than 1 cm square \'animals\' were precise and admirable. New finishes for wood are developed - such as Renaissance Wax, which comes from the residue of the oil refining process.

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