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Past Events

  • March - and the peace and quiet of Burneside was shattered on Saturday 18th by a welcome fifth visit by Ray Jones.
  • Ray spent the morning on his demonstration of the \'basic shapes\'. Here he has a piece of pine set between centre, ready to start.
  • One or two of the photos show the video screen and one of the two cameras available. These, the audio equipment and the new, very quiet lathe are greatly enhancing the quality of the demonstrations. We hope to add dust extraction very soon now.
  • The demonstration was split into two distinct parts, am and pm and the pages here are similarly divided, plus a third one to show miscellaneous items.
  • This disc, 10\" diameter x 1.5\" thick is for the half disc support frame for the clock. A second disc, 8\" diameter x 2\" thick is for the clock surround. The centre of this frame disc is used to make the base. The cutting list also consists of 3 pieces for the finials, 1 for the stem and another for three feet and another for two dowels.
  • Forming the circular cross-section ring, half of which will form the support frame for the clock.
  • The ring to form the support frame is now separated. It has a decorative ring cut in the face away from the camera. It will be cut into two semi-circular frames.
  • The centre waste from the support frame is used to make the base.
  • The 8\" blank is turned to form a surround for the clock.
  • Checking the fit of the clock insert
  • Three finials are required for the clock. Behind is Ray\'s pillar drill - which, unfortunately, spoilt the shot focus! All holes in this project are 3/8\" diameter.
  • The finished project. No finish has been applied yet, so the clock not being set at the correct \'twelve o\'clock\' angle isn\'t important at this stage!
  • Scrap? As far as this project is concerned it is but with the same centre of the clock surround disc from another clock, it can be use to make a box, with a clock set into the lid
  • a box, with a clock set into the lid.
  • Fully finished examples of the item\"s Ray produced in his demo plus a smaller clock to the same design. The two pieces of spindle turning on the right are the \'basic shapes\' examples that were turned by a couple of Ray\'s students.

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