Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Simon Hope was our demonstrator this month and a Sycamore blank was turned to round with spigot each end
  • After parting off the outside was shaped and then hollowed
  • Sanded to finish
  • The other half was mounted on chuck and a spigot made to accept recess on first piece
  • After shaping outside the inside was hollowed
  • Using a sanding stick with a mixture of beeswax
  • Sanding stick in operation
  • Cutting off a section with hand saw
  • The piece after sawing
  • A sanding cylinder was used to clean up the piece
  • Base remounted and after turning outside to shell shape and hollowing tool used on inside
  • Hollowing finished and small grooves cut on spigot to accept yellow waxed hemp
  • A jamb chuck plus masking tape to allow point to be finished
  • A 2mm hole drilled in end
  • Waxed hemp can be seen on spigot for making good fit
  • The finished shell shaped salt shaker
  • A beech blank mounted by a predrilled 2 1/2\" forstner bit hole and outside shaped
  • After sheer scraping a spigot foot for remounting was formed
  • The bowl was reversed and hollowing started
  • Hollowing complete with small rebate for gluing in second bowl
  • Mount second blank of sapele and true up and turn to size to fit inside first bowl

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