Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Peter made a start by rounding up a piece of Apple
  • The project was a barrel money box which had been marked for parting in two
  • leaving the largest piece in the chuck for base
  • Hollowing with gouge
  • Hollow out with Forstner bit and then gouge
  • After using scraper,using Robus callipers to ensure sides are parallel
  • Fit top into chuck and repeat hollowing procedure
  • Checking wall thickness again using Robus Callipers
  • fit base to top between centres, true up and mark out for bands
  • Cut in to leave bands proud
  • Finish shape for barrel and sand to finish
  • Reverse finished top to clean up slightly recessed
  • Drill holes for coin slot and clean up
  • An earring stand base turned by Roger
  • Top piece on chuck turned to shape with pre-drilled holes
  • Stem turned between centres spigot one end then reversed to obtain spigot on other end
  • The 3 pieces assembled
  • Turning finial for top
  • Using mop system for polishing
  • Super glue all pieces together
  • Job done

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