Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Margaret Garrard started by showing how how she had glued up 3 pieces of Pine using animal glue
  • Using a drawing and a template
  • The piece was marked out after turning the top section cone shaped
  • final turning almost complete
  • The turned piece now immersed in boiling water to release the glue
  • Using a knife the parts were separated
  • With the centre piece discarded the two outer pieces were glued together
  • A piece made earlier showing beads being applied after the tree was painted
  • An example of how the two halves were held with insulation tape until the glue set
  • Twist samples were made using animal glue and then separated
  • A piece of Maple was screwed to a back plate and a recess formed for reverse chucking then decoration rings turned
  • The finished coaster, note the masking tape for trying the fit of the tile
  • Two pieces of Yew turned to the shape of a tear drop and glued together to make a bird
  • The pieces displayed for Alfs challenge
  • The pieces displayed for Alfs challenge
  • After the members judged the pieces Alf presenting the joint winners Roger and Danny
  • The following photos and report by Roger Busfield----A piece of Cherry pre drilled
  • After turning round the top was shaped
  • Three pencil lines were drawn to mark out shape
  • A cove was turned to form the neck
  • Turning the bottom half leaving pencil mark as high point reference

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