Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • A return visit by Ian Foster started with a coloured and textured Ash platter.Photos and report by Roger Busfield
  • Using a side ground pull cut to take down to size
  • Decorating chucking dovetail
  • Reversed onto chucking recess
  • Texturing the outer rim
  • Paint texture with black ebonising stain
  • Lightly sand back to show bare wood on high spots
  • showing an application of red dye on top of black, then finely sand off and spray with clear lacquer.( See Bill for supplying spray lacquer)
  • Cutting out centre of bowl
  • The finished bowl after spraying with lacquer
  • A piece of Laburnum ready to turn for an apple box
  • Start forming shape for lid and chucking spigot and then part off
  • Turn out bottom roughly
  • Remount top and hollow out and form spigot to accept bottom half leaving pip in centre to accept stalk sand and finish
  • Refit bottom onto top, tight fit on spigot, turn top of apple and drill for stalk
  • Using friction polish to finish stalk end
  • Make a jamb chuck to accept for base
  • Bottom being finished using tailstock for support
  • The finished apple box after polishing and fitting stalk
  • CWA member work
  • The start of a 6 sided box in Yew

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