Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Tony made a start by mounting a 10\" x 3\" piece of Oak with a hole drilled on a slight angle off centre
  • Power sanding the under side
  • After reverse chucking a start made on hollowing out
  • Almost done, note the wall thickness can be seen whilst hollowing
  • An 18\" x 3 1/2\" x 3 1/2\" Beech turned down to 3\"
  • Shaping the top and main stem
  • The candle cup now finished and had to be parted off after a spigot was formed to fit into the main stem
  • Making the base for the stem
  • All of the pieces assembled loosely together
  • An Oak blank turned round and then beads formed with a Sorby beading tool
  • After reversing hollowing was done and a small rim
  • Revers chucking to complete the bottom
  • A second piece was turned to shape with a small hole left in the top for a honey dipper and all the beads formed
  • The two pieces put together
  • Showing the inside
  • Next up was, as Tony called it a \'Roman Fire Pit\' with a 16\" x 8\" piece of Sycamore, to big to turn over the bed bars so no one dosed off until it had been made round
  • On the outer edge the extractor was used to remove some black spalting spores
  • After quite some time the underside started to take shape
  • Power sanding
  • After first masking the top part was sprayed black and left to dry
  • A piece 6\" x 4\" was used to make a collar

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