Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Photos and report thanks to Ken Davis. Andrew showing a list of projects he intended to complete
  • Sycomore log between steb centres
  • Roughing down to just over finished size
  • Marking out
  • Drilling out using a drill bit in chuck which is attached to a handle
  • Hollowing out with gouge
  • Refining with ring tool
  • Lamp fitted to tailstock
  • Turning outside to shape and thickness then parted off
  • Remounted on a chuck expanded into the open end and top finished off
  • Using a template to mark out for eye holes and nose guard,a Proxon mini jigsaw was used to cut the lines
  • The cut around the back marked out and Andrew showing the saw in action
  • Starting to turn the base for the hat stand
  • Spindle mounted and starting to take shape
  • Incorporating a small version of a hat into the stem
  • After finishing the turning sanding sealer was applied
  • The flask was made from Walnut roughly sawn to shape
  • A spigot formed on one side
  • Marking centres at the top
  • Marking centres at the bottom
  • Mounted between steb centres and neck turned

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