Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Roger making a start on a 3 part twisted goblet by finishing the underside of the base
  • After remounting, a hole was drilled in the finished base ready to receive the stem
  • The completed base
  • Hollowing the goblet by drilling a hole with gouge and using lower wing to remove waste
  • Using his special callipers it is easy to see the wall thickness
  • Using a parting tool to form the delicate work on the stem and forming a pin to fit a hole in the stem
  • Finished goblet top
  • A tapered stem with coves turned at each end
  • After putting 3 equally spaced marks at the lower end the corner of a rasp was used from each mark
  • A Proxon angle grinder followed the rasp marks to deepen the twists
  • A round Stanley Sureform being used to fine tune the shape
  • Drum sanding on a drill
  • Hand sanding to finish
  • A hole being drilled to accept the spigot of the goblet
  • Turning a spigot on the other end
  • Trying the base for size
  • Finishing the fine detail
  • The finished goblet
  • Merryll Saylan gave us a talk and slide show of work that she had done
  • Testing the effect of a Rotary cutter
  • Using the same cutter for texturing the bottom of a platter

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