Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Shear scraping a 10\" piece of Ash after it had been band sawn concave with a 3/4\" deflection, a foot had also been turned
  • Power sanding through the grits
  • After reversing the inside was turned
  • Using an Arbortech the bowl edge was textured
  • Powered wire brushing was used to remove any loose pieces
  • The Arbortech in use again to texture the inside up to the turned circle as a guide
  • Turning the bowl to a finish
  • The inside after sanding
  • Finishing off the chucking point and foot using a pad to protect the inside
  • The pip left by the tailstock removed and hand sanded
  • The bowl flooded with Danish Oil and rubbed in to the texture with toothbrush and surplus oil wiped off
  • The finished bowl
  • A 6\" x 3\" piece of Maple was used to turn a Saturn bowl. Two holes were drilled one in centre and one 3/8\" away
  • With the blank fitted with a screw chuck to the centre hole the outside was turned
  • Now the blank was remounted on to the offset hole and continued the shaping and form a chucking spigot
  • After reversing the outside was turned leaving an offset sphere
  • Inside of the bowl being hollowed out
  • Finish sanding the inside
  • A piece of Formica held against the intersection left a neat black line
  • A Jam chuck being prepared
  • Bowl section fitted to the Jam chuck to remove the spigot and leave a pip

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