Cumbria Woodturners Association

Past Events

  • Donald started the day by keeping us guessing what he was about to make
  • A Sycamore cylinder was turned round and parted off and a recess formed
  • Another recess was formed in the centre then the remaining recess was textured
  • A second piece was turned for a stem and it was recognized as a Magic Mushroom
  • Donald then showed off his artistic side and painted it with red acrylic
  • Next was a piece of 6x3 Cherry
  • After shaping the front end he cut regular shallow grooves
  • Eyes, nose and ears were pre prepared to finish the Hedgehog
  • Gordon E. started by telling us that he was to turn a 3 cornered bowl out of a piece of ROUGH yew mounted point to point
  • It soon became apparent that it was a bit to rough and the corners split off so the design was changed to a small bowl
  • The bowl ready to be parted off
  • Gordon Mc. started his demo by mounting a piece of Sycamore and turned to half inch diameter for the shaft of a Spatula
  • A plan of how to finish off the spatula using a disc sander
  • A home made device for steam bending was shown
  • Gordon showing 3 pieces that he had steamed and bent
  • Two pieces of wood glued together with newspaper between
  • Gordon produced another detailed drawing
  • Sanding the shelf stem
  • Donald\'s Magic mushrooms complete with white spots
  • A pair of platters from Tony
  • Tony explaining how difficult the African Blackwood was to turn and had to do a lot of sanding

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