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Spalted Beech Vase
Oriental box in Yew/Ebony
Pierced Ash & Coloured Silver Birch
Study in Möbius Curve Beech\Jarah Burr
Sillhouette in wet Sycamore
Pierced Platter in Sycamore
"C" Scape one in Yew
Vessel in Sycamore, Ash, Burr Elm and Bubinga
Sycomore Platter and segmented Bubinga
Stained and pyrograph Platter sycamore
Pot Pourri in Spalted Beech,Yew and Pewter Lid
Tree Spirit in Forked Yew Branch
"C" Scape two In Yew
Selection of Clocks Various Woods
Selection of offset turning using Escoulin Chuck
Spiked Star in Cube in Olivewood Offset stand in Yew
La Femme in Yew
Cherry and Yew clocks
Abstract sculpture
Spalted Beech and Ivy carved birds
Pierced Vase Silver Birch
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